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I am.... complexity at its simplest and confusion at its clearest. I make fools of the intelligent and stoop to the level of the fool.
Invariably I push to be understood in a way that may seem abrasive or even silly at times. My heart is in the right place but my brain may not choose to follow...
I am.... ME!

I’m grateful for the people in my life that keep me grounded


A girlfriend of mine mentioned that she took a male friend around town last night sinc he was visiting and didnt know the area. He was her friend from prep school and they had not seen each other in quite some time. At th end of a fun-filled evening, she drops him at the train station and as he goes to hug her good bye he attempts to kiss her.

She of course backs away casually avoids the kiss and then proceeds to feel awkward.
My question at thix point of the story is : Did you give him any indication at any point in the night that you were open for him to kiss you? To which she answered no.

I’m now wondering if the age of technology and fast-paced instantaneous answers has broken down the walls of personal space, boundaries and common decency? How the hell do you proceed to thjnk that it is ok to just plaster your lips on mine after I did you the favour of showing you around?
Whatevere the hell has happened to thank you? A hand shake, a side hug?
I dont need to meet your groin and its protruding member as a reward for my kindness. That form of generousity I can do without.

Like I was going out of town last week Saturday and was waiting for the bus to fill up so we could leave. The man coming in had the middle seat beside me and proceeded to slap me on my leg as he was sitting as an indicator to say that he wanted me to move over a bit. I was too shockedt even say anything so I looked at him, I mean really looked at him. Mind you I have on sunglasses but he must have felt the contempt emanating from me because he looked in my direction and then I laughed the lzugh of one who knows that idiotd do truly existband then he apologised. I shook my head. How dare he slap me? Am I not paying for the current space I am occupying? The funny thing too is that I wasnt even in his space.

I think this has got out of hand. Men, please do not lay hands on women as you feel the whim or fancy. We do NOT like it. Ask or say something, let her know what your intentions are. My goodness man!


I expected this to happen. I just didn’t get a chance to say that. It was interesting while it lasted I suppose but like the predictability of the sun rising in the east I knew he would tire and soon grow annoyed.
I said some things that I probably shouldn’t have revealed though… But I don’t want to take them back. It intrigues me. Will I ever be done? Truly be done with this compulsion, this need…

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Let go

For the first time in almost three years, I don’t feel angry or upset at anyone for hurting me or breaking my heart. I’ve come to the conclusion that it is what it is. Its a part of life. People love, they get hurt and either continue to love or decide to give it a break. Me? I’m giving it a proper burial. Danity Kane’s “Damaged” was hilarious on Friday evening because while I related to it I…

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Life Lesson #5: Always Keep A Song In Your Heart.

Life Lesson #5: Always Keep A Song In Your Heart.

We are often prone to anger. Especially in cases where we are wronged. We lash out and often we create an even greater mountain of the current mole Hill.

I have learnt that keeping a level head and remaining calm during heated arguments or disruptive situations not only makes the situation diffuse faster but sometimes calms the other person without you having to do a thing.

I have a girlfriend…

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He sits worlds away from Me but shares his words in an instant on the fly.
He inspires Me…
I’m a sponge on a rainy day anxious to hear what he had to say..
He inspires Me…
Even though I dont deserve It,He loves Me still. His forgiveness I seek and His strength for my will. He inspires Me…
Each day I awake aiming to please and even when i don’t do as i’m told He never lets go. He constantly reminds…

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Reality Check

Let’s be honest. We’ve all at some point or the other lamented the fact that someone we love doesn’t love ua back. Either because of a break-up or unreciprocated feelings etc. Our first line of defense is to declare that nobody loves us. I had an experience a couple weeks ago where I was feeling really bad about something and declared that I had never been loved. A girlfriend of mine promptly…

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Silly Scholar

For someone who considers herself intelligent i sure can do some pretty dumb things. I’m an emotional hoarder. “Hoarding: Buried Alive” on TLC aint got nothing on me when It comes to emotional baggage. To say my ‘attic’ is full is an understatement. I hold on to and remember every bad thing that people i love have said to me since as far back as i can remember. I dont do It on purpose, It just…

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Came home to find out that the only thing different about Mandeville is me. The fact that people are now so different and so much happier isn’t lost on me. Their improvement may have nothing to do with me but it still hurts that things got better after I left.

sigh… I apparently put too much on friendships and relationships that meant something to me but nothing to others. My friend says maybe I put too much into the separation. I tend to agree. Coming back and catching up made me sad instead of happy. I longed to come home so bad and when I finally got here it just isn’t the same.

I’m heartbroken…